Joiners can come in all shapes and sizes. To make it more convenient for viewing the galleries are shape specific - squares and rectangles, long horizontals and long verticals. There is also a gallery for irregularly shaped joiners that have broken borders.

For those of you who like your navigation bars always in the same place you may find a couple of the galleries frustrating. The photographs have determined the layout of pages and to accomodate them things are occassionally switched around. Hope you bear with it.












As the size of the original images tend to vary from big to very big it has been decided to keep the gallery sizes to specific formats for viewing on the 'average' computer screen. This means they are all deprecated in size and, inevitably, quality. It is hoped that in the future some of the images will be presented closer in size to their original state.

Not all of the joiner photographs in the galleries are finished in my eyes. It is my intention to work on 'correcting' these photos in stages so those you are interested in trying the technique for themselves can see how to make adjustments and create the image they aspire to. You don't need to remove all of the inconsistencies in a joiner. I say this time and again throughout these pages. It is ultimately a matter of taste when to stop making changes. The choices are all yours.

I hope the galleries will encourage others to try out the techniques. Though the price of the software might be inhibiting you don't need a fancy camera. Though I have several cameras of varying quality many of the joiners here have been created with photos from a cheap digital camera that I carry in my pocket, rather like a writer's note book, ready to jot down pieces of images as they occur to me. It's not the size of the individual images, it's how you use them.