February 2018 - THIS week's PICTURE

Sci Fi Interior/Montreal Biodome: photo by Malcolm Aslett

If you've ever been to Montreal - and you probably haven't (it's a statistical thing) you might have visited the Biodome which I believe is a French word for 'Nature's igloo'. Fun place. It's a zoo but set up to give us the impression they are doing the animals a favour. It might be true. They would freeze their asses off in Montreal if they weren't in there.

Glass, trees, plants, cute creatures. All that's missing is a cafeteria. A veritable Zootopia. The shot here is in a plush narthex (I have no idea if it is a narthex but I felt so clever writing the word I'm keeping it in) with comfy chairs around a big tree that I seem to remember had a bunch of cute critters loafing about up there.

The melded photographs of the boy below the striking windows was coloured up to the point it looks (to me) like an illustration in a comic, a Superman world of Krypton in a glass jar. Another strong image of my childhood. A city in a jar.

If only those new Superman films could have the brightness and lightness of the comics. "How ironic!" - Superman was always saying that - "Karg the Giant Potato was destroyed by a tornado of french fries- the very force he planned to destroy the world with!" Unlike Americans, I guess, Kryptonians get "irony".