January 2018 - THIS week's PICTURE

Outside Starbucks a & b: photos by Malcolm Aslett

A motley collection of photographs taken outside a Starbucks.

Some parts have been worked over and others not and I haven't worried at all about gaps or variable sizes and relations.

Things have been left cluttered. Even the slightly different proportions of the left figure to the right haven't been touched. These are figures in shade. Tthe background is not one that sets them apart and allows things to be easily read. So even put together there is a sense of too many things and not enough order (the detail below is a close up that also shows the dulled cast of the colour). Only the green shade has a completeness to it. There was little to draw the eye other than that and so I think the eye flits about a great deal and doesn't quite settle. So for the version on the right I did one thing. I added a photo of the boy looking at the camera. It's not a great fit and I didn't work on it to make it better. Yet, with that entrance into the photo I feel you get a pivot - as it were - on the picture in general.

See what you think.