January 2018 - THIS week's PICTURE

Cochrane Court II, VFAM: photo by Malcolm Aslett

One more version of the room. This one more readily separates the eight parts (not eight photographs, but groups of photographs).

By inserting white margins there is a new reinforcement of vertical forms, despite the wonky parts. Does it look too much like The Thomas Crowne Affair? That's what it reminds me of, with the flashy camera work and the split screen glossiness. Ah, I always wanted to be an international art thief. All that rope climbing from skylights and thwarting those cages with loud flashing lights that drop on you for stealing 'the Great Jewel of Bognox'. It's not really stealing if the owner has been dead for centuries and was probably made up to begin with, is what I say. Not that I took anything home with me, officer.

If you compare this and the last version you wil see the urn on the left is chubbier in this one than the last. With nothing to compare to it doesn't matter. Now, with this version up, the other urn looks ridiculously extended. It's all relative.

There is still a lot of tooing and froing in the bits, which is satisfying. The classical nature of the things on show seem to be able to take it. We know these forms so well they are impervious to whatever pulling and stretching we care to do with them.