January 2018 - THIS week's PICTURE

Tree and Roots: photo by Malcolm Aslett

Sky and earth. The roots of this tree are exposed by the variable waters of that stream but due to the joineryness of the picture we can see it as going beneath the earth into the ground.

Cross section images are very appealing. The idea that you can see inside or benath a surface has a lot of visual clout. However you make sense of it, there is an up and a down.

The issue to contend with in any image like this is the big number of photos for a foreground that you will have compared to the background. I have considered zooming in gradually to backgrounds to see how that would affect the images but that is a complicated issue so I've yet to try it. What I have done here is to make up the missing proportions in the upper level by repeating and reversing parts. The left hand is a part from the 'left/middle' that has been flipped horizontally and fudged over. It allows for colour values and forms to fit and the usual spectator really isn't looking for that sort of thing to figure it out.

Strong image with that purple haze below. I like that tone.