November 2017 - THIS week's PICTURE

Mexican restaurant in Sedona: photo by Malcolm Aslett

A stripe photograph of a restaurant scene.

I'm so lazy. I think that is one of the things these photographs say about me. If I can sit on my backside and do the business without straining a muscle then that is what I will do.

So, the set up is there is a round bowl on the table and above the table is a round tin lampshade cut and embossed in some artisanal manner. I'm guessing it's a Mexican thing, the development of an art with cheap local materials and by artistic and enterprising people looking to make a buck.

In a way, whatever comes in between the bowl and lampshade in the picture is whatever happens to be there. This kind of a photo is a christmas cracker design: party hat in the middle with the the bits making the bang at either end. The brightly coloured table with the geometric design helps things along. Human interest next to a container of too many nachos (one nacho is one too many in my book) and cutlery shrouded by the finest paper napkins money can buy at Costco.

The dynamic of straight lines and circles is pleasing to my eye. I don't remember if I placed the bowl at that point on purpose but it is where it should be. If you have seen examples of Russian Contructivism and some of the posters of the period you might understand where I'm coming from on this. There have been various theorists on shapes and lines in art and their meaning with regarding to rising or falling, straight or curved and they often seem to say obvious things but obvious in a plausible way. Try to imagine how this photo would mean something different if the colour at the bottom was red instead of blue. Or, if the 'silver moon' shape up top in a dark 'sky was a yellow lightbulb in a green lampshade? If all it does is make you hungry, then what it's saying to you, probably, is that you like Mexican food.

I include a detail of that metalwork to the right to give you an idea of the original size of the image and because I think some note should be made of the these few square inches of handiwork that took someone a bit of time and effort and probably several boxes of band aids.