November 2017 - THIS week's PICTURE

Latin Festival in Charlottesville VA: photo by Malcolm Aslett

I continue to fiddle with the automated features for stitching in Photoshop CC. Here the central part of the image is mostly from an automatically merged group of twelve photos. The sky and building, the bottom third and the wings have all had a fair bit more done to them.

Photomerge items from a single viewpoint have no sense of being true to horizontals or verticals. The horizon line is bread and butter to the photographer looking for a pleasing photograph: those pictures that Windows like to show you, check out what percentage that has that reasonably straight horizontal line at a two thirds height or thereabouts. Definitely something in that Golden section stuff. Long story short, the straight roof had to be hand fixed photo by photo.

The event itself is, well, I forget exactly. It was hispanic in nature and the fast food was not so fast and mostly of flavors from south of the border. Just to be safe, I'll say that border is the Canadian border. Always a surprise for me to see how many flock to a happening like this. A lot of people are social critters, I guess, gathering round the loud stage area that has live music and a deaf and daring few were even dancing. I'm not one to get in the middle of things. So the photograph is me looking at my own galaxy from my 'photo telescope' in the direction of the clustering. Yeah, I'm not a crowd person. I don't know what I would have done if I'd been born on a planet closer to the middle of the galaxy. Earth is just about my style. 30.000 light years from the action. No wonder we don't get a lot of invites to parties. Though, my point is, the photograph brings out these things, unplanned, wth the broad space between me and the unfortunately seated caucasian figures and hoopsters doing their darndest best to be a part of the fun golly gee and then there is the glut of humanity who seem to have a different concept of the term 'personal space'. The foreground distance is a perspectival event somewhat inherent in joiners but not helped by my general belief that a crowd is a mob that just hasn't got angry enough about the bread buns yet.

It's a sketchy photograph. Centripital, defined by both clutter and space. To spoil your reading of it I could point out the patchy nature of the cloud masses. Taken as a whole we don't challeng the sky's veracity among the general melee of the parts. If you took half a minute to study it you would see the differing colour tones and masses as existing because of the separate photographs.

Oh, and I left that pair of legs to lower left just where they were because it reminded me of children's art, drawing a path and having the person's feet rest on a single line due to a half formed understanding of pictorial protocol and their hard won experience of the world.

It could do with a colour cleaning but this is as far as I take it today.