October 2017 - THIS week's PICTURE

Waiting at a bus stop, Arlington VA: photo by Malcolm Aslett

It was a dark and stormy night. Somewhere. But not in Arlington, Virginia.

What an oddity, in its way. Arlington is across the river to Washington DC and though by no means a low rent place it is ridiculously overshadowed by the capital capitol sitting next to it. So with the monuments and spectacles a few brief miles away, a visit to this 'provincial' mall seems like putting your earbuds in to listen to Abba while at a live U2 performance. That glowing wall behind the bus stop is the metro entrance to the high life of DC. The large mall is cast in gloom by the early evening clouds and the lights are not quite on yet. I don't know what it says to the new viewer but to me it is very much the house where the party isn't happening. The wrong address. A mix up in the calendar - emotionally speaking.

In the low light there is a degree of fuzz as focus becomes an afterthought with moving bodies and shaky camera. The angles of vertical and horizontal shapes give it a slight explosive character and provide a bit of drama into the scene. Cloudy twilight. The image appears to lack a true center, taken up in part by a bike rack and structural additions.

The distortions in the facades of the buildings I did in the hope of breaking it all up and for something more entertaining.

Well, there it is.