October 2017 - THIS week's PICTURE

Interior of the Library of Congress with floor, wall and ceiling , Washington DC: photo by Malcolm Aslett

I guess there are actually four spaces here, if we see the two levels of the front wall as having different light values because of the exterior light registering as so blue. For me it is a reminder of the relative nature of colour. Important to us humans but not enough that we understand it very well.

Leave no surface untouched. That seems to be the case for this building. Pattern is everything. It reminds me of the Alhambra and the Islamic ability to create complexity in a surface by design. Obsession. Neurosis. Those are damn fangled modern words. Though, architecturally, this manner of presentation gives you some idea of the visual tie-ins you can link all these surfaces to - intended or otherwise. It's like the building itself is thinking in three dimensions but we as humans can't quite get to do it that way.

I wonder if it would look that different if I changed that blue light show in the middle.