June 2017 - THIS week's PICTURE

Tom at the Chapel of the Holy Cross (unfinished), Sedona, Arizona: photo by Malcolm Aslett


Third pass with a bunch of photos from the southerly aspect of the curving wall around the Chapel of the Holy Cross outside of Sedona.

I spent some time changing colour tones and filling spaces to bring more coherence to the parts. A section of the background landscape

was also redone. As I was having difficulty getting the main figure to work where he was I have shifted him over to the left. This will need

to be shadowed better to disguise the change of position and slight variation in tones and lighting. This changes an important dynamic

of the figures. It also changes meaning, now having the boy look out of the picture that separates him further from the other two observers

who are still transfixed on the landscape before us.

The sky has remained the same and is too sharp edged for my liking and needs to be softened. At the moment it looks more artificial to

my eyes than the first version and I'm wondering now if it will work at all. That sometimes happens.

On top of which, I really liked that hand sticking out of nowhere on the wall at bottom left of the boy.

Still needs more twiddling.