July 2017 - THIS week's PICTURE

In the small Pool , Arizona: photo by Malcolm Aslett

IIt's a long time since I displayed any stripe photos. This one is in the grounds of a hotel in northern Arizona. The small baby pool is the warm pool at the head of the big one. Items have been 'squared up' to remove the obvious perspective. It appeals to me to organize these shapes into rectangles. The same has been done with the hotel behind which I have 'verticalized' - though not so severely as to make the lines completely straight. Perhaps I should have removed that nub of swimming pool at center right. I'm not sure. Does it entertain more by being there and hinting at the other larger mass of water or does it detract by damaging the overall simplification? Dunno. It reminds me of gills and that is why it is being kept for now.

Too much organization and a design becomes a pattern. That wouldn't be bad in itself. It shouldn't be the defining principle in all things. In this particular case I preferred to leave some hint of disagreement. There are those diagonals, too: the metal support bars and blue plastic covering.

The photos were taken a little before sunset. This helps the colours. I like the colours being the kind of blues, greys and pinks that remain bright but still peaceful on the eye.

Not much else to say about it that I can think of right now.