For those looking to extend their PhotoShop™ skills there are oodles of great sites on the web. Here are a couple to start.

101 Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : The Basics for Beginners

The new Photoshop CC has dedicated software to merge photographs.

Stich Programs

Stitching and merging programs are for those who don't want to do most of the work themselves. There are a truly striking array of programs that do wonderful stuff. This seems to be the way the market and human interest is going, for slick and beautiful photos that take the minumum of effort and personal decision. Nothing wrong with that, mostly.

For examples of some fantastic 'Hugin' photographs see:

Wikipedia links:

Panoramic photography:
Panorama Tools:
Stiching Tools comparison (with further links to a surprisingly large number of software developers):

Stitching and Panorama Software websites

Software programs may not be cheap. Quite a few companies will give you a free trial of their software, (usually in a limited form regarding time or capabilities):

Panorama Factory
Tekmate PhotoFit :
Panorama Perfect Lite:
Panorama Composer:
Albatros Designs:
ICE from Microsoft Research:
Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited:

As for the actual business of Joiner Photography things are a little thinner on the ground. Information abounds on David Hockney and his work - which is sometimes referred to as Photocollage. is a BBC site that gives an overview of his work in this field. Wikipedia is of course helpful and always interesting:

As for actual joiner photographs there is a tendency to see them in Hockney terms - which means single photographs overlapping one another to produce a scene. A couple of examples of these can be seen on that excellent resource

But root around and you can find some entertaining digital panoramas, as with Andrew Innes's 540 degree panorama at:

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