A photograph can be pleasing simply to the eye and that can be enough. It can also hold intended and unintended meanings. The image on THE BORROWER'S ART shows the vertical facade of the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge) trailing down to the horizontal lines of the gutter. Is this a reference to High Art (Fine Arts) and Low Art (Photography)? It doesn't matter what the photographer intended. The resultant picture has the potential to be interpreted in those terms.

Joiner photography gives you greater scope to add parts that will provide meaning and perhaps even a narrative to events. The following image is of Tom and Sofa, Upper Winchendon. The boy lies on the floor surrounded by his toys. The sofa and upper area has other 'toys' such as the guitar and picture on the wall that represent the absent parent. It is in a sense a double portrait which can lead you to invent a small narrative: the parent playing guitar while looking after the child stops playing to make a record of the scene.

Tom on the Floor