CONCEPT 3: April Dinner

I took several more series on the same day. Here are two of them.
The first is THE BIG DECK, a much bigger picture using more than thirty images:

I took the table from above to make it seem it was tipping forwards, the right-hand deck goes to a centre of vision, the fencing on the left appears parallel, while the drawn-in roof of the house on the left mirrors the point at the bottom of the table. It nearly comes off. I suspect that most people will scan the image left and right looking for a ‘real’ subject of the picture. Still, I’m very happy to have this record of a sunny day on the deck and pleased with its uniqueness. (Click here for bigger image)

You shouldn't be afraid to take lots of pictures of different scenes. Don't feel overwhelmed by the prospect of finishing them or what they entail (easier said than done). At the end of the day you will do what you are able to do. The difficulty in joiner photographs is knowing what will work best. Unless you have a very specil brain you will not be able to conceive of the finished result until the end. What matters is attempting new designs and discovering images that are beyond our imagination until the moment we realise them.